ABOUT BRADY – Brady Watt - Bass & Bars Official Merchandise


Brady Watt's career started around age 14, playing bass in
various groups in the New England Punk Scene. But way before
this he was a Hip-Hop head, growing up on Wu-Tang, A Tribe
Called Quest, Gang Starr, etc. His musicality evolved at a very
fast rate under the tutelage of a few mentors and as he
discovered and assimilated new styles such as various world
music, funk, fusion etc. He moved to New York where he really
began mastering his craft by rocking with the big dogs playing
with a who's who of legendary musicians and artists in the city
and around the world. It didn't take long for him to rise the ranks
of NY and become one of the most sought after session bass
players and performers in the city.

While carving his name into the scene as an A-List bass player
Brady was soaking up knowledge from all the producers he was
working with. His inclination was to keep it moving to the next
level and start producing records on his own. His skills as a multiinstrumentalist
and a finely tuned taste for drum production made
this move only natural.

In February of 2015 Watt released his star-studded album
Lifetronics. This caught the attention of Hip-Hop architect DJ
Premier who has since signed Brady to his label TTT.
In February 2019 Brady launched his hit web series ‘Bass &
Bars.’ Each week he teams up with a different legendary MC and
does an improvised stripped down to the bassline performance.
Guests include Bun B, Talib Kweli, Warren G, Xzibit, and many
more. The videos have garnered worldwide attention and
amassed upwards of 20 million views, swiftly pushing Brady to the

Currently he is preparing his Sophomore LP, touring, and in
constant collaboration with artists.