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Decap and Brady Watt LIVE

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-Music Manuscript Book – I write down songs, ideas, arrangements, transcriptions etc… in here. I have a stack of them from over the years I’ve been saving since 2003.
-Nag Champa – Vibes
-“Tutankhamun The Untold Story” by Thomas Hoving –
I got this at a yard sale when I was 6 or 7, I’ve been obsessed with Egyptian Mythology since.
-American Fender Stratocaster (90’s)
-Modulus Quantum Fretless 5 String Bass – This is the bass I have used to 99% of everything I’ve done in the last decade. I got it when I was 18 been like my right hand ever since, it’s a part of me.
-Bayonette from WWII – Manufactured circa 1942, my grandfather gave me this, he fought at D-Day.
-KRK Rokit 8 Speakers – I’ve had these for 10 years, still knockin!
-Ableton Push – This thing changed the game for me production-wise. I look at it like a new kind of instrument.
-Leather Jacket – $50 at Thrift store in Brooklyn. Glued patch I cut off a sweatshirt on back.
-Monster “Inspiration” Headphones – Great for bumping tunes on the go, mad comfortable and has a mic built in for calls.
-African Print Hat – 125th Street
-Mono Laptop Case – Mono makes great stuff, my bass cases included.
-Mala – Yakbone, from Tibet
-Notebook – I stay making lists of things, if I didn’t my life would be in shambles. I also make a practice of writing down goals. Weekly, monthly, yearly etc… and try my best to make them come to life through action and meditation. Tends to work.
-Macbook – I do all my production on here. So thankful for today’s technology, able to bring my whole studio setup on a plane.

Shot By Onaje Scott

Qi Out Now!

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A year in the making, Qi has finally arrived. Decap and myself Featuring some extreme bad-asses of NYC. If you really big it you can DOWNLOAD it here too.

Qi Drops Tomorrow

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Good looks to Okayplayer for Premiering our second single and the epic review.