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July 19, 2013  |  Uncategorized  |  Share

So my good friend and colleague Ro James dropped his EP today. This dude has been GRINDING and it’s been awesome to see his come-up. This is real artistry, no hype. My man can sing his ass off and is truly a unique artist. Also a perfectionist! We worked on numerous (not gonna say how many) versions of the song I produced A.D.I.D.A.S. and I’m real proud of what we were able to do. Definitely stepped outside my comfort zone and am going to keep doing that. My mans Gabe Lambirth and Doug Smith [@gabelambirth – @dougfitchpercs ] absolutely smashed the Guitar and Live Percussion on this track and I am greatly indebted to their supreme musicianship. Please take time to listen to / download / enjoy this project. PEACE!!!

Decap and Co. Composing “East River Love”

July 8, 2013  |  Uncategorized  |  Share

Working in the studio with frequent collaborators Decap, Gabe Lambirth, and Doug Smith. This video gives a glimpse into our process. This song in particular we were just jamming, developed it a bit, and started tracking live.

Ski Beatz Battle NYC

July 3, 2013  |  Uncategorized  |  Share

Will be judging at this beat battle tonight.