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Yall remember this right?

Introducing Jade

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Really dope artist and good friend of mine Jade just dropped her single that I Co-Produced and played Bass and Guitar on.  Also produced by The Page Brothers and written by James Fauntleroy. This song is dope AF. Peace yall.


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Decap & Brady Watt have been composing music together since January of 2008. The two grew up in the small but surprisingly dope city of Nashua, NH. They heard about each other throughout Junior High and High School, but did not begin collaborations until after both had moved away from home.

Brady Watt’s music career started around age 14, playing bass in various groups in the New England Punk/Ska Scene. But way before this he was a hip-hop head, growing up on Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, etc. His musicality evolved at a very fast rate thanks to the tutelage of a few mentors and as he discovered and assimilated new styles such as various world musics, funk, fusion etc. He moved to Brooklyn where he really began mastering his craft by rocking with the big dogs playing with a who’s who of legendary musicians and artists in the city and around the world. It didn’t take long for him to rise in the ranks and become one of the most sought after session bass players and performers in the city especially in the hip-hop genre. In 2010 a chance meeting with Ski Beatz and Dame Dash lead him to become the musical director and house band leader for Dame’s label Bluroc Records. During this tenure Brady recorded as a bass player and writer/producer on countless albums with damn near every rapper out.

Inspired by the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Dr. Dre, Decap started making beats at age 13. He started out with a Boss sampler, a Tascam 4 track recorder, and a bunch of vinyl records. With inspiration in his heart and desire to be amongst the best, he created music daily, striving to recreate the sound that initially moved him. Yet quickly, Decap developed his own distinct recognizable sound and by high school and throughout college he was highly sought after by many underground and mainstream hip hop artists. After a decade in the music business and numerous successes, Decap quit making music entirely, and dedicated 3 years to meditation and spiritual awakening. In 2011 he reemerged in the game with a new state of mind and with elevated abilities as a producer and composer.

In their debut album release, Decap & Brady Watt bring you a hard hitting head knocking musically advanced collage of instrumental compositions.